Game Day Snack Pack

Elevate your Game Day snacking experience with the Game Day Snack Pack. Featuring our Wheelhouse Signature Soft Pretzels, One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites, Chili Lime Pretzel Salt, and our Three Cheese Salt — a delicious combo of Cheddar, Parmesan, and Blue Cheeses — this soft pretzel snack pack is perfect for Game Day.

The Game Day Snack Pack includes:

  • (2) Wheelhouse Signature Soft Pretzels
  • (2) Bags of One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites
  • (1) Three Cheese Salt
  • (1) Chili Lime Pretzel Salt
  • (1) Classic Pretzel Salt
  • (1) "Game Day: Pretzels for the win!" Sticker

All of our pretzels are vegan and made from all-natural ingredients without preservatives.

Please note: As our artisanal soft pretzels are hand-crafted, they vary in shape and color. 


    Pretzels: Wheat Flour, Water, Soybean Oil, Cane Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Vinegar.

    Chili Lime Pretzel Salt: Pretzel Salt, Sea Salt, Sriracha Sauce (Red Chili Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Salt, Spice), Habanero, and Lime Powder.

    Three Cheese Salt: Cheddar Cheese, Blue Cheese, Parmesan Cheese.

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