Gourmet Sugar Combo Pack

A special snack just got even sweeter. If you love our artisanal soft pretzels with our flavored salts or savory sauces, you'll love them as desserts as well. That's where our new flavored sugars come in. These flavorful, sweet and artfully mixed sugars open up a whole new world of pretzel snacking, for any occasion and any season. And with the Gourmet Sugar Combo Pack, you don't have to choose just one!

The Gourmet Sugar Combo Pack includes: 

  • French Toast Sugar  – Combining the aromatic spice of cinnamon, the warm comfort of vanilla, and the sweet, syrupy goodness of maple sugar, this flavorful combination will make any pretzel taste like Sunday morning brunch. 
  • Chocolate Espresso Sugar – Loaded with dark chocolate cocoa powder, fragrant espresso powder, and layered with warm vanilla flavor, this sugar is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth or chocolate craving. 
  • Raspberry Lime Sugar Offering sweet red raspberry flavor mixed with a zesty tang of lime, this sugar is a perfect fit for those who love fruit-flavored candies and refreshing sweet treats.

French Toast Sugar – Organic Cane Sugar, Maple Sugar, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Powder.

Chocolate Espresso Sugar – Organic Cane Sugar, Dark Cocoa Powder, Ground Espresso Powder, and Vanilla Powder.

Raspberry Lime Sugar – Organic Cane Sugar, Raspberry Powder, and Lime Powder.