Jump for Joy Sprinkles

Our Jump for Joy Sprinkles combines confetti sprinkles and gourmet blended sugars to provide bursts of color and fun flavor in every bite! Add these sprinkles to your pretzels and turn any occasion into a fun celebration.

Made from simple, natural ingredients, these sprinkles aren't just a playful topping... they're incredibly delicious! Each bite delivers rich vanilla cake batter flavor, making you want to jump for more!


Jump For Joy Sprinkles: Raw Cane Sugar, natural vanilla bean extract, natural vanilla sugar powder, maltodextrin (potato starch), vegetable fat (rice bran oil), lemon juice, all-natural coloring (spirulina extract), paprika oleoresin, turmeric, vegetable juice (beetroot red, purple sweet potato, red radish), glazing agent (carnauba wax).