Knot Your Average Small Batch Candy Corn Crunch Sugar

Meet our latest creation, Knot Your Average Small Batch. These limited-edition, small batch quantities of salts, sugars, and artfully blended toppers are sure to be an instant obsession. Knot Your Average Small Batch  allows us to experiment with outrageously mouthwatering flavor blends that will leave you wanting more!

Our Candy Corn Crunch Sugar combines the classic flavors of Halloween candy and kettle corn to create the perfect blend of sweet and salty. This sugar adds a fall-flavored twist to your pretzels, desserts, and drinks, making it the perfect topping to kick off the fall holiday season!

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, sea salt, beta carotene for color, annatto seeds for color

* No Artificial Flavoring

This product was made in a facility that processes nuts.