Special Collaboration Box Supporting Nikki and Terrell Brown

This special collaboration box is in support of Nikki and Terrell Brown. Nikki is dealing with an aggressive form of stage IV cancer. Nikki and Terrell are going to Mexico in 2 weeks to a last-resort hospital that does some amazing work with immunotherapy treatments that are not available in the United States. We will donate every dollar you spend on this box directly to Nikki and Terrell to help pay for this immunotherapy.

This box is in collaboration with Eastern Standard Provisions, Pistol Lake, Drink O2, and Drink Hero, all partners and clients of Terrell who have graciously donated their products to help Nikki and Terrell.

This collaboration box includes $166.99 worth of product for only $49.99 and includes: 

  • Eastern Standard Provisions Soft Pretzels (retail value of $39.99)
    • (6) Wheelhouse hand-twisted gourmet soft pretzels
    • (12) Turnbuckle gourmet soft pretzel sticks
    • (2) Medium grain pretzel salt pack
  • Community Coalition Gift Card (retail value $100)
    • Use this $100 Gift Card for $20.00 off each of the partners featured on Community Coalition including O2 Hydration, Born Primitive, Puori, RPM Training, and Four Sigmatic
    • Pistol Lakes protective masks 3 pack (retail value of $27)
      • High quality, 100% cotton tightly woven twill face masks
    • Product Samples from O2 and Drink Hero
      • O2 Hydration Mix:Sample pack with immunity-boosting benefits. Great tasting hydration packed with electrolytes, zinc, elderberry, vitamin D, vitamin C, and probiotics with only 1G of sugar
      • Drink Hero coffee: Sample pack of freshly ground, single-serve coffee bag (think tea bag, only with ground coffee in the filtered bag), which yield a consistent and delicious barista-style cup every time

    In purchasing this box, you receive a box filled with amazing products and at the same time know that 100% of the $49.99 goes to Nikki and Terrell to pay for this immunotherapy. Our goal is to sell at least 800 boxes.

    While you may not personally know Nikki & Terrell, we wanted to share their story below. They are truly family of Eastern Standard Provisions and we are honored we are able to help support their difficult journey. We appreciate your support in this important and personal initiative. 

    About Nikki & Terrell

    Nikki Brown is a former employee at Eastern Standard Provisions and is the wife of our friend and social media marketing partner, Terrell Brown. We have know Terrell and Nikk for years so they are absolutely family. Nikki is a mother of 4 children, an avid mountain biker, and an amazing wife. Nikki was diagnosed in February of 2020 with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. In the year and a few months since that diagnosis, she has undergone 7 different chemotherapy drugs that have all failed to work.

    She has been told that she has a platinum-resistant type of cancer, which means that her cancer builds up a resistance to the chemotherapy drugs after initial success. The doctors that we have spoken with have told her that she had 12-18 months to live due to this complication. With all of these challenges, she has now been told she has 2 new masses in her abdomen and has been given a nephrostomy tube to help alleviate some of the issues with her kidneys.

    In speaking with medical professionals, they have found a new option as a last resort for a hospital in Mexico that does some amazing work with additional treatments that are not available in the United States. They have 4 different immunotherapies that are not FDA approved but have been used over the past 30 years to prolong the diagnosis, help those to live longer than thought before, and in some cases completely cure cancer. Because the Hospital is in Mexico, these treatments are not covered by insurance, and so we are looking to share a gift of pretzels and other great products for your donation.. 100% of the SALE of the box goes directly to the fund to send her and her husband to Mexico for 3 weeks of treatment.

    About the CHIPSA Hospital:
    Since its inception in 1979, CHIPSA Gerson integrative medical practice has become world renowned and has been long identified as the home of Mexico’s Center for Integrative Medicine and Research.

    Our founding legacy, Gerson Therapy, represents the original medical practice of immuno-nutrition therapy developed by Max B. Gerson, M.D. (founder of immune-nutrition) known for his many contributions to address chronic, degenerative, and infectious disease, as well as the documentation and remission of cancer.

    And here is some more information about the companies supporting this collaboration:

    Drink O2
    O2 was founded in Columbus, Ohio back in 2014 by a CrossFit® trainer and a medical doctor who had one goal in mind -- create a better alternative to the unhealthy sports drinks available on the market. Being active and health-conscious themselves, co-founders trainer Dave and doctor Dan realized there were no healthy or great-tasting sports drinks that aided them in the crucial post-workout phase, so they set out to create one themselves.

    Drink HERO
    The HERO Beverage Company is a first responder owned and operated beverage company serving specialty coffee to people who love supporting our American Heroes. I developed our brand portfolio with the same care and attention to detail I provided to the President of the United States while protecting him every day as a Secret Service Special Agent.

    My team and I are committed to helping everyone remain operational no matter the threat or the need they face, from the coffee fields to the frontline workers, and everyone in between. With every purchase our customers make we turn around and directly support those everyday heroes.

    Our coffee beans are real trade sourced, meaning we have a direct relationship with the coffee farmers who we import from. Together with the best roasters in the U.S. we all work together to ensure we are bringing our customers the highest grade of coffee possible, specialty. We know they’re the best because they have the same respect for the supply chain that we do, as well as sharing our desire to help everyone remain operational. By skipping the middleman we are able to pay our farmers a premium which allows them to in turn provide their workers better pay that ensures they can access proper medical care, food, and clean water.

    Together we can change the world and create a lasting positive impact for the heroes who are out in the world every day trying to do the same for us.
    From all of us at The HERO Beverage Company, thank you for supporting the heroes today and every day!

    Pistol Lake
    We’re challenging the notion that you need a different piece of clothing for every activity. We believe in simplifying so we can do more. For a better quality of life. For our communities. For the World. Our proprietary fabric is made from recycled water bottles, Eucalyptus, and Spandex for stretch. On top of that, it's incredibly soft, moisture-wicking, and odor-fighting.
    In short, it'll be ready for whatever that next adventure throws at you.


    Eastern Standard Provisions

    Eastern Standard Provisions is a “better for you” food company that uses all-natural ingredients to elevate the snacking experience. We deliver expertly crafted, one-of-a-kind artisanal soft pretzels, gourmet flavored salts and sugars, and artfully blended dipping sauces because life is just too short not to love every bite.

    All of our pretzels are vegan and made from all-natural ingredients without preservatives.

    Please note: As our artisanal soft pretzels are hand-crafted, they vary in shape and color. 


      Pretzel: Wheat Flour, Water, Soybean Oil, Cane Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Vinegar.

      Raspberry Lime Sugar: Organic cane sugar, Raspberry Powder, Lime Powder.

      Warming Instructions

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        Nutrition Facts
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