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Sprinkling Hope During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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Sprinkling Hope During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
September 2021

St. Jude Research Hospital® is a leading children's hospital that treats the toughest childhood cancers and pediatric diseases. The mission of St. Jude is to “advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.” Since the hospital was founded over sixty years ago, not a single child has been denied treatment at St. Jude based on race, religion, or family’s ability to pay. In fact, patients never receive a medical bill throughout their entire treatment process at St. Jude.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, a time to recognize and support friends and family who have been or are currently affected by childhood cancers. A time to emphasize the importance of childhood cancer research and funding throughout the world. A time to spread positivity and hope for everyone in and outside of our lives battling these devastating conditions. 

To help support St. Jude in their mission, Eastern Standard Provisions® is donating $10 of every  “Gift of Hope” Charity Box to St. Jude Research Hospital. Throughout the past year, Eastern Standard Provisions has donated $228,410 towards St. Jude and their mission to lead the way the world understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. With this donation, Eastern Standard Provisions can help St. Jude Research Hospital provide any of the following:

  • 18 full days of inpatient treatment 

  • 151 days of chemotherapy 

  • 457 hours of physical therapy

  • 22,841 meals for St. Jude patients

We're not stopping here... Our goal is to raise $500,000 for St. Jude! Help us reach our goal HERE. With this goal, Eastern Standard Provisions can help St. Jude provide any of the following:

  • 40 full days of inpatient treatment

  • Deliver 50 CT scans

  • Cover 100 days in the ICU

  • Provide 210 ultrasound studies

  • Provide 330 days of chemotherapy

  • Provide 1,000 units of platelets for transfusions

  • Support 1,000 hours of physical therapy

  • Provide 1,110 days of oxygen for patients

  • Provide 1,560 chest x-rays

  • Enable 1,920 units of red blood cells for transfusions

  • 330 days of chemotherapy to leukemia or solid tumor patients

  • Supply 50,000 meals for St. Jude patients

  • Provide 50,000 new toys for play areas

The Story Behind “Jump For Joy” Sprinkles

At St. Jude, staff members are passionate about supporting their patients' recovery process every step of the way. When patients finish their chemotherapy regimens, a process that can last two to three years, the staff at St. Jude throws a “No More Chemo” party to mark the end of chemotherapy treatment. To make this moment special, the staff sings a “No More Chemo” song and showers patients in colorful confetti!

To honor this inspiring tradition, Eastern Standard Provisions has created a Jump For Joy Sprinkle that is included in our new St. Jude “Gift of Hope” charity box!

While the month of September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we are dedicated to supporting St. Jude and their work all year long. To learn more about our St. Jude Gift of Hope Box  and fundraising efforts, click HERE