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At Eastern Standard Provisions, we make a truly exceptional soft, warm pretzel. With quality as our cornerstone, it all started with a simple enough vision to create an insanely delicious pretzel made with all-natural ingredients.

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Our Products

At ESPCO, quality is our cornerstone. Our artisanal soft pretzels are hand-made with only all-natural ingredients, and are the perfect stage for our own line of slammin’ dipping sauces.


Our Story

Quality is ESPCO’s cornerstone. Our executive team has pursued excellence through individual careers in restaurants, hospitality, and consumer packaged goods and have been sounding boards for one another through their decades-old friendships. This isn’t just about a pretzel, but a new way of snacking that brings our products to the forefront of lifestyle.

gourmet pretzels
We knead, shape, and roll the dough for every one of our pretzels by hand.
Our soft pretzels are served warm and rock solo. Plus they're kickass canvases for our sauces.
Our Maui Onion Mustard, Queso Dip, and Pesto Ranch are ideal complements.

Where 2 Find Us

Order pretzels on our site to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. We are also found at some of the best restaurants and breweries.

On the menu tonight 👉🏼 Gooey pressed sandwiches 🤤 What would you fill our Turnbuckles with? 🥨 #eatwithyourhands
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Wondering how we make our pretzel breadcrumbs for our coconut-pretzel crusted shrimp? 🍤🔥 Easy! Chop pretzels into small pieces and leave out overnight to develop a crisp exterior. Add to a food processor and process until a fine consistency is achieved ✨🥨 #eatwithyourhands
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Salty stacks 😛 Our hand-knotted pretzels take savory snacking to the next level 🥨🙌🏼 #eatwithyourhands
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If you’ve ever wondered what a gnome’s pointy hat was for 😏🥨 #eatwithyourhands
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Did someone say coconut-pretzel crusted shrimp? 🤤🥥🥨🍤 #eatwithyourhands
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