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How To Celebrate Oktoberfest At Home

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How To Celebrate Oktoberfest At Home
October 2021

It’s almost Fall... which means that millions of people around the world are planning their Oktoberfest celebrations!  What is Oktoberfest? Running every mid September to early October, Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival hosted in Munich, Germany. The festival celebrates Bavarian culture with traditional fashions, flowing pints of beer, and complimentary menu items such as pretzels, assorted meats, potato dumplings, and pastries. Unfortunately, Germany has cancelled Oktoberfest this year; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at home! So,  invite some friends over and tap the keg... We’ll help you throw an authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest right from your living room.

5 Ways to Celebrate Oktoberfest at Home

1. Decorate Your Space

Since it’s your home, you have creative freedom with how or with what you choose to decorate your Oktoberfest party. The only element that can’t be forgotten is the traditional Bavarian flag! Using this as inspiration, choose from blue and white tablecloths, garlands, balloons, and more.

2. Serve The Best Drinks

There is only one kind of beer that needs to be served at your Oktoberfest party, and that is beer that comes straight from Munich! Bavarian-style beer can be hard to find in common-name stores so, look for brews that are most similar to those served at Oktoberfest, such as German-style lagers. 

For underaged guests or guests that prefer non-alcoholic options, serve a fun fall-inspired drink such as our  Maple Cinnamon Lemonade! Requiring only a few minutes to prepare, this drink will allow all your guests to partake in the festivities! 

Click here for recipe: Maple Cinnamon Lemonade

3. Elevate Your Snacks

You can’t throw an Oktoberfest party without an array of delicious snack food options! We’re making your party planning easy this year with our  Oktoberfest Party Pack. Packed with a variety of bavarian-style artisanal soft pretzels and gourmet mustard sauces, this variety box is perfect for your at-home Oktoberfest celebration. 

Searching for snack ideas? Visit our recipe page for endless ways to serve our pretzels! Thrill family and friends with elevated snack arrangements such as our  Wheelhouse Charcuterie Board or  One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Click here for recipe: Wheelhouse Charcuterie Board

Click here for recipe: One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

 4. Spice Up The Traditional Meal

In addition to the traditional Oktoberfest feast which includes roast chicken, roast pork, and sausages, add a vegetarian-friendly option so that all your guests end the night stuffed! Traditional Oktoberfest vegetarian options include potato or flour dumplings, cheesy noodles (the cheesy version of a traditional egg noodle), sauerkraut, and potato pancakes. If you want to add a dish that will satisfy both the meat and the veggie lovers, serve a batch of our  Pretzel Bread Crumb Mac n Cheese!

Click here for recipe: Pretzel Bread Crumb Mac n Cheese

5. Encourage A Dress Code

You can’t celebrate Oktoberfest in anything other than traditional Bavarian garb! Women should come dressed in the traditional Bavarian women’s wear called “Dirndls,” and men should sport the traditional leather pants called “Lederhosen.” These outfits will never go out of style, meaning you can wear them to every Oktoberfest celebration for years to come!

If this isn’t enough to convince your guests to follow the dress code, there is a special twist! Ladies, if you’re hoping to catch the attention of someone at the party, tie the ribbon of your Dirndl on the left side. Why? Wearing it on the left side means that you’re single; wearing it on the right side shows that you’re in a relationship.

Follow these steps and your friends and family will insist your Oktoberfest Party be a yearly tradition! Don’t forget to share photos and videos of your Oktoberfest celebrations with us on social media, @esprovisions!  Cheers... or as the Germans say, Prost!