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Waffle Gingerbread House

| 1 min read
Waffle Gingerbread House



  1. Unwrap Classic Liége Belgian Waffles. Cut one waffle diagonally into 2 triangle pieces for the front of the roof. 
  2. Take 2 full waffles and cover one side of each in Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce. These will be the sides of the roof. 
  3. Use the remaining 4 plain waffles to make the base of the house, standing them up in the center of the plate to make a square. Use icing to secure the waffles to the plate. 
  4. Secure triangle-cut pieces to parallel edges of the base structure, using icing to stick into place. 
  5. Secure fudge-dipped waffles into place as the roof of the house. Ice the edges of the waffles before placing onto the structure to stick. 
  6. Cover all edges of the house in icing. Stick one sprig of rosemary on both sides of the roof front edges. Arrange decorative candies around the structure to finish. 
  7. Enjoy!